FOG Program Conferences and Events (2018)

Posted by Michael O'Dwyer on Feb 19, 2018 11:21:29 AM

Here's a list of FOG workshops, conferences and events happening over the next few months

27-28 February - NSF International's Fat, Oil & Grease Prevention Conference, Ann Arbor, MI
In its 2nd year, this 2-day event moved to a larger venue, this event provides a great opportunity to hear from industry experts, click here for more details.

16-17 April - Western States Alliance 2018 FOG Forum, Hood River, OR
Another 2-day event and nonw in its 4th year. This event combines training with best practice, attendees can expect insights from City FOG program managers, preferred pumpers and vendors. SwiftComply's CEO Mick O'Dwyer is speaking at this event.

17-19 April - South Eastern FOG Alliance 2018 FOG Conference and Training, Valdosta, Georgia
This bi-annual event takes place over a three-day period, and hosts a vast group of professionals seeking to exchange knowledge and share ideas and concerns about Fats, Oils and Grease in their field of work. The courses are designed to help beginning FOG Personnel establish a FOG program and also help existing FOG Personnel enhance their own FOG program. 

15-18 May - NACWA National Pretreatment Workshop, Providence, RI.
Last year they included a FOG track that was extremely popular, we haven't seen an agenda but we're hoping they do the same this year.

22-25 May - Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association, Spring Event, Lido Beach Resort, Saratosa
(Currently accepting abstracts until 25th March)

Got an event you'd like to add? Please let us know at


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